Melissa ( McCallum ) Ash, a sober travel agent and her husband David have a passion for fun , sober vacations !   They started the Rule 62 Travel Club a few years ago to help others realize the joy of cruising and vacationing sober.

​Our sober cruises are on various cruise lines, the cruises are open to the general public therefor the entire ship is NOT a sober cruise.   Rule 62 Travel Club is a group of sober people traveling together.   Melissa is your personal sober host from the booking process, organizing and arranging a private venue on board for meetings, movies, games and activities, organizing group excursions  to local AA meetings at ports of call (when available) or other group excursions.  She is available from booking through disembarkation. 

​Our sober passengers have ranged in age from 21 to 86, singles and couples.  Some have had their whole families (normies)  join on the cruise.    We offer sober group cruises in different lengths and destinations, from 3 days to 9 days.   We love the Caribbean , it's our most popular along with Alaska. 

​Be sure to check out the latest listing for upcoming sober cruises on the cruise dates tab above and  our pictures from past sober cruises on the sober cruise pictures tab.

what is a sober group cruise?